About Lore

Lawrence Black, writer

At thirty-four, I’m a lot of things I wasn’t and I’m not a lot of things I was. This is life. Appearances pass for reality, but only the individual knows the truth about themselves: we our our own keepers.

For ten years I’ve confessed. 7Saturdays (now loreblack.com) has been my living memoir. I’ve been a feeler, romantic, a fool, naive, inexperienced – all the things that ultimately make life worthwhile.

Today I stand with nature, animals, the underrepresented. I’m an optimist but I’m grounded: sober in thought, lucid in deed, high as a fucking kite. I’ve just spent three years living in the mountains, where I really got to the heart of myself and what I am here to do.

I work with symbols, language and code; I half-consider myself a magician of sorts. My magic is language, information.

I’m always changing, always growing – but the one constant is my heart, the place where I know we can follow our own designs.

Trust me when I say I will see you again, one day, when we are both cats.

Until then, I remain,

–  Lore

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