Lawrence Black, writer

For ten years I’ve confessed here. This [7Saturdays, now LoreBlack] has been my living memoir. Part poem. Part essay. Part whatever the fuck I’ve needed.

I’ve been all the daemons that have animated me and make my life worthwhile today – now that I am on the other side of them, self-possessed. Graceful. Owner of my feminine and my shadow.

Seems I made it. No longer betray my heart.

Now it’s my time to work with my best companions, language and code – this is the season of life for it – animals are welcome, of course, but I’ve had enough of people, relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no misanthrope: I’m very much a sweet-natured optimist – but I’m not naive, and I’m happy to be alone. Truly.

Sometimes I enjoy the company of an exotic molecule, sometimes a lover comes and goes. But more often than not these days, just give me my own time and company and I am happy.

What more can I say, I finally belong to myself…. having never really known all those years, that I was outgrowing myself all along; for we never really “solve” our problems, but instead we mature beyond them – when we find the courage to enter the passing lane.

  • Lore: noun. A femme writer, programmer, dilettante, and dyke; born Lawrence Black.

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